MidAmerica and Mount Vernon Nazarene University Students - Spring 2017

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"The professors for Spanish were wonderful and very nice.  I really appreciated the two levels of classes.  All the profs were super friendly, loving and caring.  It was great because they asked us what we wanted to learn. I also enjoyed the time when our professor went to Kaffa (coffee shop) with us.  Amazing!"

Jason and Karen: Missionaries in Honduras

Jason and Karen

"Our professors were awesome!  We fell in love with them immediately. They were so patient with us. They both did a great job of explaining things to us and really getting into the details of the grammar and the "why's" of Spanish grammar. We were really impressed with both of them.

I felt like online was a great option for us.  Initially, I was a little worried about using video conference for class, but once we got started, class went flawlessly."


Alan and Glenda: Volunteer Missionaries from the USA

Alan Glenda

We loved our teacher, and she loved us too and showed it in many ways.  She is now a life long friend.  Her teaching is superb and she immerses you in the language in every class. She was so patient and made the lessons fun. The experience was so good in every way. I'd do it all again the same, with more Spanish class hours each week."


AJ and Chelsea: Missionaries now serving in the Dominican Republic

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"Our professor invested so much in us.  We felt loved and valued.  She made us feel comfortable enough to try our Spanish and to share our stories. The curriculum of CALL made us feel equipped to go on to the next stage of our mission journey. From getting signed up for CALL to leaving, everything was handled professionally.  We felt invited into people's lives and welcomed to ask questions."


Sara: ESL Teacher in the USA

Sara Nuria

"I truly enjoyed my Spanish classes and professors at CALL. In my case, I had a one-on-one experience which you cannot beat. Things moved along at my pace, and it was flexible when it needed to be. Overall, this was an awesome experience.  Thank you!"

Abby: Served in the Dominican Republic, now serving in the USA.

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"I loved the day tours with my profesora.  My advice to new students is to practice Spanish at every opportunity."


Ron: Spanish student from Canada


"During a work and witness trip to Costa Rica, I learned of a Spanish school at the Nazarene seminar in San Jose.  A few months after my return to Canada, I made arrangements to take a second class of Spanish through this school, CALL Christian Academic Language and Learning. My teacher is very knowledgeable, very patient, and fun. After two years of classes by Skype with Gaby, I decided to come to Costa Rica for a month of total immersion in Spanish.  The CALL coordinator is very organized, professional, and helpful.  My stay in Costa Rica was comfortable and enjoyable."

Kay Lynn: Compassionate Ministries, Texas, USA

"I cannot say enough about the CALL program and life here in Costa Rica!  What makes the program unique is that it is truly tailored to each individual student. The director and all three teachers are excellent and go above and beyond to give each student what they need to succeed in learning Spanish."


Carol: Missionary, Costa Rica

“Studying Spanish through CALL has been such a valuable experience for me. I have had the opportunity to study with 3 quality professors who not only know Spanish, but know how to teach it well. I came into the program having studied much Spanish before. The teachers each have tailored our classes to help prepare me for the work I am called to do here in Costa Rica. All have been equally encouraging along the way and have become friends. I highly recommend the CALL program to anyone who wishes to study the Spanish language and culture.”


Paula: Local church ministry in Colorado

"My professors were absolutely excellent!  The CALL staff did a great job of taking care of my needs and going places with me.  What CALL provided was just what I needed. Thank you for making this experience possible!"


Point Loma Nazarene University, Summer 2015:

"My CALL professor saved me this semester.  So thankful for her personalIity and teaching style."

"My Call professor was an incredible help."

"I like that the program sent us on field trips every week."

"The CALL professor was awesome and super helpful."

"My CALL professor was amazing!  Great soul and teacher!  I would not have passed without her!"

Bob and Teresa: Pastoring in Illinois, USA

"We loved the classroom time. Our teacher was terrific and very patient.  She was able to sense what I needed, when I needed it, whether it was time to press on or time to review, she was effective in her teaching style. We could not be more pleased with the program. Definitely a hightlight of my life."


Roger and Esther: Ministering in California

"Can't say enough about the Program Coordinator and her managing of the CALL experience. She was always involved in the lives of the students and wanted us to have a positive experience. We absolutely loved our time in Costa Rica and would be delighted to refer anyone for the CALL experience."


Lucas and Liz: Ministering in Texas in Compassionate Ministries

"CALL has some of the best teachers ever.  They were so patient with us and encouraging.  We covered a lot of material but in bite-sized chunks, so we never felt overwhelmed.  As we volunteered with SENDAS, we made some genuinue friends.  The sense of community was epic.  And a beautiful campus too.  We will never forget this place.  You have been such a positive impact on our lives.  Thank you so much!"


Gary and Naomi: Missionaries to the Dominican Republic

"Costa Rica is a beautiful country with beautiful people and CALL is the perfect setting to match such beauty. CALL arranges and provides the necessary details to live in comfortable housing on campus within walking distance to classrooms. The learning environment at CALL is a wonderful personalized blend of teaching, where questions are valued and encouraged. Teaching comes from a variety of sources, such as interaction with campus residents and staff, surrounding communities, field trips and our favorite… church! At CALL the professors quickly become not only your professor, but your advocate, and most of all for us… a lifetime friend. It just doesn’t get better than CALL!"


PLNU Students, Summer 2014

"Gaby was amazing.  She shared both her love and the culture of Costa Rica and I will never forget her."

"The tutoring I received from Gaby was great.  Gaby made the classhere so incredible.  Helpful, kind, patience, gentle...Love her so much."

"Gaby is the best. She is not only prepared, but she loves what she does and it is evident in her way of working with the students."


Joel and Pam: Pastoring in Florida

"We have been able to participate in hours of grammar study as well as hours of conversation in Spanish. The conversation time has been so important as we continue to express ourselves verbally, and all the while having the gentle guidance of our teacher to say the correct word in the correct way.  Our experience with CALL has been excellent!

The Tooley children also studied Spanish with CALL.  They especially enjoyed the hands-on teaching approach Professor Zeidy implemented each day.  Both of the Tooley children enjoyed games, videos and cooking class as part of their studies."

Anne and Stephen: Missionaries in Mexico

“Both of our professors had years of experience teaching Spanish and were creative and professional in their approaches. The atmosphere in the classroom was always positive.  They were encouraging and fun which made class a joy even when we were struggling with verb tenses and retaining vocabulary.”

Henry: Pastor from Oklahoma


“Professor Zeidy did a wonderful job with me and not only taught me about Spanish but about Costa Rican people as well.  It gave me an even greater desire to learn more.”

“This has been a transitional time for me.  I have heard the voice of God very specifically in a way that another sabbatical plan may not have allowed. The program has been life-changing.”

“I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to learn Spanish and even to get to know the Latin culture better.  This worked out better than expected for my sabbatical time and I look forward to coming here again.”


Chad: Teacher in Colorado, USA


Chad Van Soest shared this about his teacher. “My professor was great!  I was very impressed with her teaching and I really did have a fun time in class.”


Lebron and Anne: Former missionaries, now ministering in Florida

“We had a wonderful experience.  We received an excellent broad overview of the grammar and important words and phrases. We want to return for another class.”

Michelle: Spanish Student from 2010


I could not have asked for a better classroom experience. Both of the professors were fantastic, but each had their own unique approach. I learned so much more in one month with CALL than I did in years of studying Spanish in school in the USA. Life application is the KEY!


Dan and Janet: Short term missionaries with the Church of the Nazarene in various locations


"CALL is a highly individualized learning experience both online and at SENDAS!  Our teacher, Gaby, was able to maximize our Spanish absorption by meeting each of us where we were starting, on 2 different levels, online for several months. After a concentrated time of Spanish study at SENDAS in beautiful Costa Rica (where we were made to feel welcome and very cared for), we can understand and communicate much better in Argentina as Mission Corps volunteers! Gaby is now a friend for life and we hope to continue sharing, learning and understanding!"